Thursday, September 29, 2011


My two sons have been sharing a bedroom since they were out of their cribs.  Now that they are 7 and 9, we have decided that they should have a space to call their own.  So, I have been researching, planning and working on designs for their new rooms.  In my search, I have come across the most beautiful bedding at very reasonable prices!  I thought I would share some of my finds with you.  If you are wanting to refresh any of your bedrooms, these are some great, affordable options!

This first on is the Organic Ironwork Duvet from West Elm.  Of course it has that teal blue color that I love so much!

The next one is also from West Elm.  It's the Organic Chevron Duvet and it's a serious contender for one my the boy's rooms. The bold, chevron pattern gets me every time!

This last on from West Elm is the Greek Key Duvet and it's on sale for less thatn $100!

 I love the bright bamboo green of this duvet color.  It comes - not a place where you might think to shop for bedding, but they have awesome prices!  You can get this 3 piece duvet set for only $54.99!  Now that is a bargain!

I love this pop of color for a girl's room!  It also comes from, and it's the Tommy Hilger Sommerville set.

Another zig zag duvet cover, this time from Urban Outfitters  - Zig Zag Duvet.  It comes in 2 colors is only $79!

I love this next duvet for a boho chick look!  It's the Bohemian Medallion duvet from Urban Outfitters. wishlist for things I want just got longer!  Have you seen gorgeous, affordable bedding anywhere?

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  1. Cathy! I love reading your blog! I have been looking for new bedding, and have had my eye on the first set from west elm! Believe it or not, there are some cute sets on - esp the Dwell ones!