Monday, January 23, 2012


One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add interest and depth to a room is to layer rugs on top of rugs or placing a rug on carpet.  What!?  You can do that?  Absolutely!  It's ingenious! If you have a large room and you cannot afford to purchase the 9X11 or 8X10 beautiful persian rug that you actually need,  do not buy the smaller one and hope that it looks good enough.  It does not! Proportion is everything when making a room beautiful!

Examples of rugs that are too small:

So what can you do?  Layer these beautiful rugs on top of a larger, less expensive sisal or jute rug!  So easy, yet not many people think to do it.  The result is beautiful and interesting:

If you have wall to wall carpet and just want to add interest and color, you can use a rug to do that too:

It does not have to cost a fortune to make your house beautiful - just a little imagination!

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  1. Wow you wrote this three years ago and it is so on trend now. Well done! I'm impressed. I hope your passion is bearing a lot of fruit in your life.