Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trunks - and not the kind on an elephant!

You get your PBteen catalog in the mail, open it up, and see trunks everywhere!  In boys rooms, in the lounge area, in the girls rooms - such a versatile piece!

So, sure, you can get online and order one of these from PBteen for $199.  Or, you can save some cash and go check out what's at your local antique mall or thrift store.  I see them all the time!  That is exactly where I found this one for little G's room - for $15 bucks baby!

Now, is the outside a little rusted?  Yes!  But I really like the old, vintage look of it.  The inside is immaculate and now holds summer clothes.  I love how it looks in the room and it gives me great storage.  Oh, and the wire basket on top of the trunk?  That came from the same anique mall for $7!  I did have to paint it because it was orange, but I already had the paint from the rolling cart project.  That was one successful treasure hunting day!

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