Thursday, January 26, 2012

What a colorful world we live in!

With all of the color choices out there in the world, how is a girl to choose what colors to use when decorating a room?  Well, fret no more my friends!  It can be as easy as looking at your wardrobe!  What color combinations do you like to wear? What appeals to you when you look at fashion magazines?  Here are some examples of how to take decorating ideas right from your own clothes!

Jessica Quirk from What I Wore in gray, cream and brown:

From Madewell Spring 2012 - blue and green:

From Atlantic-Pacific, pink, tan and blue:

From Kendi Everyday - navy, olive, and orange:

From Atlantic-Pacific, brown and turquoise:

From Kendi Everyday - red, black and cream

So, what colors are in your closet?


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