Monday, August 22, 2011

Framed Chalkboards and some exciting news!

Hmmm, should we talk about chalkboards first, or the exciting news?  Okay, the news!  I started moving things into the booth this past weekend!  The Keeping Room is on its way!  I don't have the space filled up yet, but we are half way there.  So, if you are local, go on in and check it out!  It is in The Antiques Mall on Highway 1 on the left past San Jose.

And now on with framed chalkboards!  Have you seen them everywhere?  Well, everywhere on blogs and in decorating magazines, but not in stores!?  Sure, you can order from Ballard Designs, but why do that when you can get them from me for much less and without the shipping!?  Currently I have these 2 framed chalkboards in the booth with plans to add more:

Oh, the possibilities of how you can decorate with them (and trust me on this - the kids love them!):

We have this one in our home and I like to change the quotes up from time to time:

The current quote is from the movie "Soul Surfer" and it reads, "It doesn't have to be easy, it just has to be possible."  My second grader read the quote the other morning and asked "What does that mean?"  Oh boy, we have a teachable moment going on!  So I explain it to him, and afterwards he said, "Mom, ya know, when you talk like that you sort of look like a puppy dog!".  Ah yes, I'm glad he understands the deep meaning of the quote.......

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