Thursday, August 18, 2011

Touches of gold.....

I love a little touch of gold in a room.  To me, it's like adding jewelry to an outfit.  Does this mean I want a whole room gilded out like a castle?  No!  Just a touch here, a touch there.  Gold can add an extra layer to your design; it adds interest.  The shine draws your eye over to it and makes people wonder what other surprises are in your house!?  Here are some great examples:

I love the bedside table and bench in this room designed by Jennifer Dyer

The next 2 images are from House Beautiful - just look at the gold frames and sconce in the first picture and the side table in the second - perfection!

The rest of the images are by Nate Berkus - he is the master!  Oh what I wouldn't give for a set coffee tables like these!

 Again, he has added tables and a frame...

 Lovin' the gold chairs!

Where oh where can I find that lamp!?

So you see, a little goes a long way!  If you would like to add a little gold touch to your home, The Keeping Room booth just might have what you are looking for!

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