Friday, August 12, 2011

New chair for the booth....

As promised, I will reveal some items that will be in The Keeping Room booth (opening  September 1) here on the blog, and the first reveal is today! Something my eyes are drawn to time and time again is any piece of furniture with caning.  I consider caned items treasures at any garage sale, thrift store, etc., and if the price is right, it's coming home with me!  I particularly love caned chairs and all the creative things that you can do with them.  Here are some jewels found out it blogland.....

And this is the jewel that will be in the booth:

I try to take before photos before I make any changes, but I did not get any with this chair.  Let's just say that it was nothing you would want to put into your home, but it had a good sturdy foundation.  So, a coat of paint, some new fabric and voila!  Come check it out at the booth in September!

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