Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The "what to do above the kitchen cabinets" dilemma....

Today I am going to give you the simplest, cheapest decorating advice that you will probably ever get!  It is a solution  to the area above your kitchen cabinets.  Go ahead, take a peek.  Do your cabinets have fake ivy scattered around up there collecting dust?  You know,like this:

Or do you have some gawdy collection up there that needs to be sold in your next yard sale?

Here is your free advice and no cost solution on how you can freshen up your kitchen in about an hour or less:  Take It Down!  That's right, for a fresh new look, all you have to do is take it down.  Just look at how clean and uncluttered your kitchen can look:

 Now, if you just can't stand bare wall above the cabinets, my advice is to keep it simple and absolutely no fake ivy!  Here are some examples of simple collections above cabinets:

Effortless Style Blog


So spread the word:  step away from the ivy!  

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